Mission & Goal

Our Mission

BLB & Associates provides quality, accessible, counselling and psychotherapy throughout Southwestern Ontario. We believe in building relationships, being truthful and honest, while supporting the clients needs and wants. Clinicians are regulated professionals, who live with strong ethical beliefs, and apply these in practice, all while meeting clients where they are at. We believe that having one person, who you can talk to, be honest with, and helps you navigate life challenges, builds a strong support system. Over time, clients will attain a better quality of life, well-being and individual understanding of self.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of BLB & Associates, is that you will not need our services anymore. This is a day of celebration.

Our History

BLB & Associates was created in January 2020. We found clients were waiting 3 to 4 months for intakes for care. By creating our business, we aimed to have quicker turn around times for our clients.

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